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Hi guys :s

I’ve decided to no longer update this blog..I’m just too busy  :s

If you guys wanna keep in touch, or be friends or something, you are all more than welcome. 

This is my personal blog if you wanna contact me~

I’m sorry about this guys, but I just don’t have enough time to maintain this ;A;

I really really love you all ^^ <3 <3 <3


I just wanted to see if there are any…because I think we’re becoming extinct. (And maybe find a kpop friend :P)

So if you live in Florida, you should say so in my ask box! \(^0^)/

(Even if you’re not Floridan you can say so in my ask xD)

Sorry about this personal post >< I try to only make 1 personal post every few weeks or so…so yeah, post done, have a great day! <3 

I love you all~~

OMFG! I just started following you about 20 minutes ago, and this is my NEW FAVORITE BLOG. You read me. Seriously. Even though we have never ever met, you read me like a book. I LOVE YOU & YOUR BLOG!!

Awwhhh, seriously let me squish you!! You are too adorable ;A;

Thank you so much, I love you too!! ^^

[And on a side note, love the URL ;D]

87. No they aren’t gay, there isn’t anything wrong with males being into fashion.

86. You can’t hear “21” or “7” without thinking of “2NE1” or “SE7EN”

85. You use “aigoo” and “aish” as interjections

84. You can’t imagine life without kpop

83. When your ultimate OTP is you+your bias.

82. You always dream about auditioning for an entertainment company

Oh my gosh this is my life in a blog, haha<3

Thank you so much!! It really means a lot. Hope you enjoy \o/ <3